Remember that bit at the end of The Da Vinci Code? That bit in a church where Tom Hanks realises the truth about Audrey Tautou? That's Midlothian that is, Rosslyn Chapel to be precise. Filming did take place on site, however, we can't promise actual links to the Holy Grail. We can, though, promise an extraordinary place with a multitude of intricate carvings each with their own mysteries, dare I say it, possibly even more intriguing that those dreamt up by Mr Brown. Your Scottish Tourist Guide knows all the secrets!

Midlothian has a varied landscape and history and a contrast but equally as fascinating is the National Mining Museum of Scotland. Coal mining played a major part in the history of this and the surrounding areas for hundreds of years. On the site of a preserved colliery the museum gives an insight into the workings of the mine with a visit to the pithead as well as the social history of the families whose living came from the mine over the course of nearly ninety years. Your guide can add context and interpretation.

You can head further off the beaten track with your Scottish Tourist Guide with a visit to Crichton Castle. This fourteenth century Castle is in a spectacular location high above the River Tyne. As you explore this unique stronghold your guide can tell you about the architecture and the history of its ownership by the Earls of Bothwell including the third husband of Mary Queen of Scots and can ensure you don't miss seeing the protected species of bat that have made their home within the castle walls.

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Guided Tours of Midlothian
Caption: Rosslyn chapel
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